Advanced services for Horeca is the acronym of Hotel, Restaurant and catering.
Sologusto is providing not only high quality Italian products but also advanced service for you that are part of this professional environment.

We can support you in each phase of your project, from the concept, to the idea directly to the execution.

Everything start listening your idea and project: the investment that you want to do and why, the necessities and the prospective that you have.

You can ask to have the full service from A to Z or just some simple step that you need to be adjusted. For example:

  • Idea and concept of the restaurant/bar/pizzeria or other concept;
  • analysis of the territory and target of the client;
  • coaching on how and where to put the restaurant and all the technical elements (pods, pans, industrial kitchen appliances, knifes and so on);
  • business plan (build and execution);
  • creation of an exclusive and unique Menu for your clients;
  • selection and training of your people (waiter and waitress, sommelier, chef, assistant chef, head of staff);
  • eventually coaching on how to run the business on the day by day routine.
  • storage for your food and delivery directly to your restaurant only when is needed.

Moreover we can provide you:

  • architect for the interior design
  • accounting company for the bureaucracy part
  • communication services like marketing and social media management
  • professional photo-shooting

Write to and we will provide you all the information that you need.